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Charles Todd

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Real Estate Startup - Help Pick Our Logo!

Have we launched? Nope.

What are we? A real estate brokerage, with a flare. Me.

How is it a flare? I've been obsessed with Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield - to name a few - for many years now. I see a hole in real estate brokerages. They are all the same.

Today's real estate brokerages all offer the same services. Marketing materials. Pitches. They don't differentiate from each other. I will.

We are launching in the next 30 days here, in New York City. Boy, is office space expensive!

Below are the four logo's we're considering - which stand out to you and why?

Larger picture of the above logos:

Per Steve's comment:

Real estate is a middleman. Something that's been whiped out in music, book publishing, travel agents, stock brokers. You can do all of those services online. Cheaper. Faster.

The folks who still rock it in those industry differentiate themselves based on their service. Affectionately, their personality. Your personality (drive) is today's differentiation.

Each company has a personality. Amazon = kind. Nike = consistent. Google = available. It starts at the top.

Since it starts at the top. My personality will drive the company, and essentially the brand. So the question is, who am I?

- loyal
- punctual
- positive
- persistent
- encouraging

My logo, brand, and who people will know me and my business as will reflect those five traits.

I shall expand further. This felt oddly good. Dumping my brain on paper. Thank Steve for the feedback to do such!


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