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Real Estate Marketing

Hi Diego,

My name is Timothy. I am a real estate agent.

I am a fan of your courses and your instructions are clear and easy to understand. When I first started on YouTube, I did not know about channels and playlist until I went through your lessons. Therefore, I started publishing my YouTube videos from my main channel instead of creating separate channels. The next time, I will use different channels to promote my videos for marketing.

In one of my videos that I published on YouTube about 2 months ago, it has stayed in position #3 for a couple of weeks although I have used your method and put in the keywords, in the title, description and tags. If I use a long-tailed keyword, I have no problem ranking on #1 but if I just use the keyword itself "parc centros", I will find my video rank #3. The top two videos above me has no tags or description. And I am puzzled. Is it because I do not have a website? What else do I need to do?

Thank you.

This my link Parc Centros Condo



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