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Real Cat Treatment - Skillly.com

Skillly.com is the sustainable Youtube.  It is an online destination for learning how to live gently and cleverly on the earth.  The short video called Real Cat will look something like this....


"Once upon a time there was a man named Tim who came home to an empty apartment way too many times.  
Every day, Tim would return from from his un-rewarding job and go online to 'like' thing, watch cat videos and chat it up with distant friends/potential mates through social media and dating sites.  

One day Tim found Skillly.com and started learning how to live sustainably, grow food, build things and ways to connect with eco-minded people.  

Because of that, Tim started spending time outside w friends.

Because of that, he learned how to keep bees.

Because of that, he spends more time gardening than 'working'.  

Because of that he met a woman and fell in love.  He gives her a cute cat.

Until finally Tim learned how to make his life his career."



The last shot is Tim giving her the cat.  It's intenionally cheesy and low-tech.

Very fast cuts and most of it shot POV with a helmet cam.  We never see more than Tim's hands.

The website's on-screen are full frame simple title card version of FACEBOOK that simple says "Social Network" with a giant profile avatar and a like button in the spirit of director Michel Gondry.

I  have 2 storyboards and an a long-ish (loose) script.



Story board 1



Story board 2


Does this work or is it too 'sweet'?  Are we supposed to post our one page treatment here? 


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