ReadyMag in 60 minutes: Design and publish an edgy online magazine

ReadyMag in 60 minutes: Design and publish an edgy online magazine - student project

In this course, you’ll channel your inner “editor-in-chief” and learn the fundamentals of designing an edgy, thought-provoking interactive editorial layout for your very own online magazine - no design or coding experience necessary!

We’ll create and publish your layout using ReadyMag - a free, web-based tool that allows you to design, create, and publish some of the most beautiful and engaging publications on the web.


In this class you will learn:

  • Basic graphic, web, and interactive layout fundamentals
  • Create a magazine layout using a free, web-based interactive design tool (ReadyMag)
  • Customize, design and animate a beautiful, mobile-friendly, responsive editorial layout including photos, text, audio and video
  • Publish and promote your “magazine”
  • Bring your story to life by publishing your “magazine” to a free, interactive, web-based publishing tool (ReadyMag)


Sample Project

I created this little interactive magazine to introduce readers to the history of CBD in medicine making throughout history to the present day. This project could easily be adapted, to be less of a history timeline, and more of a fashion or any other type of editorial you can find at your local newsstand. Get inspired here and start collecting your own images and ideas for your own story.


Create a professional, interactive editorial layout for an edgy  “magazine”, just like you see on the art & design newsstands every month. Ours will be a bit more modern, and more unique than a typical magazine website or blog. It will be 100% interactive and designed for the web, it will look great even on a mobile phone, and we’ll even add a bit of animation, audio and motion to your graphics to make it really stand out!

Though the project is geared for those interested in thought-provoking editorial content, this project could easily be adapted for a variety of themes and interests: historical timeline, fashion, lifestyle, travel etc. The options are limitless. The most successful projects will come out of your interests and passions, so get creative – no idea is too big!



    • Layout + Design Inspiration: My Readymag Editorial Design board on Pinterest
    • Typographic inspiration - find the most innovative ways to use web typography on Typewolf. Don't forget to sign up for the emails, too. I also highly recommend purchasing the Free Fonts Guide which compares some of the most beautiful typefaces with their free Google Font equivalent.
  • Placeholder Copy: if you don’t have your own story written already, you can mock up your story with (hipster “ipsum”, who knew?)