Ready for summer!

Ready for summer! - student project

This class was so much fun - I learned a ton about Photoshop and how to digitize artwork (my first time!). 

It's finally warming up in Chicago so I wanted to put together a pattern of things that remind me of summer. Having the moodboard to refer to was really helpful, since as a beginner I sometimes I feel like I should be creating everything from memory (but that's not realistic!). 

It didn't occur to me until too late that my sunglasses look more like glasses, but I went with it anyway.. not sure how I missed that earlier, and I was too lazy to change it, lol but this was still great practice. 

Definitely some areas for improvement here (and totally open to feedback) - but thank you so much for this class! I'm looking forward to starting my next pattern design, I think I'm going to do some kind of kitchen/dining pattern (vegetables, cutting knives, etc). 

Ready for summer! - image 1 - student projectReady for summer! - image 2 - student projectReady for summer! - image 3 - student project

 Ready for summer! - image 4 - student project

CADS below! 

For this first one, I think if I reverse out the colors (like you did for your final colorways) and put it on a colored background (maybe the mint or light purple) it would be a fun pattern for a pair of men's swim trunks. 

Ready for summer! - image 5 - student project

Ready for summer! - image 6 - student project


It's harder to see the pattern on the pink/red color, so I think I could've applied.. maybe another color overlay to make it stand out more? I'm not quite sure. Ready for summer! - image 7 - student projectReady for summer! - image 8 - student project