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Candice Boutelle

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Ready for Rain

This class has been so eye opening when it comes to the process involved in pattern making. I am really enjoying investing in the steps and learning ALOT along the way. I actually had started another pattern design class and had centered my idea around the mood board here:

While I wanted to stick with the same inspiration, I found that I had to alter my plan to incorporate "something in nature that you love." Here is where I went with it:

In developing my mood board, I was inspired by the colors in the top left photo and wanted to draw from the shapes and textures found in the other pictures. However my color scheme was just not coming together the way I wanted it to. It took replacing one of my pictures with the one currently in the center to realize my scheme needed some of that chartreuse to fill in the natural forms that were going to enter into my design. I literally gasped out loud when I added the color and considered doing a happy dance. Hooray!

My ideas seem at times to be all over the place but I decided to plow forward anyway. (It's my first pattern for goodness sake!) I'm struggling to create a "style" in my sketches, but I'm excited to see what happens to these when digitized and colored.

I'm sure I'll encounter many more obstacles before this is finished! So far it is a labor of LOVE and I am enjoying the process so much!

Finally: The first simple pattern! I felt triumphant finally creating a pattern that lined up!

I struggled putting together my motif. I quickly realized I didn't have a whole lot to work with and not all my motifs worked great in one pattern. Here were my colored sketches:

I went back to a more limited color palette to create my pattern and had a blast using the recolor feature

For the final patterns I expanded my palette again for a softer feel and had a lot of fun with the results! Here is another final version

I really learned a lot about building patterns, sketching, and color throughout this process. I didn't even dig into the idea of adding texture and other elements because I felt I was still trying to get a feel for the process. I am excited to try this again with different motifs and build more patterns!


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