Ready for March!

Ready for March! - student project

I'm quite happy I gave it a go! Even if I didn't use procreate, I really wanted to try this technique so I used Krita, which is a free and open source program, and my wacom Intuos and guess what? I could follow along yay!! I created my own tile paint brush and everything. Oh and that calligraphy is my own too! those skillshare lettering classes have paid off, hahaha!

This is how it looked, middle of the process, when I was adding space in between tiles:

Ready for March! - image 1 - student project


aaaand a big jump to how it looked in the end:

Ready for March! - image 2 - student project


I learned so much about how to give a pattern a realistic feeling and how to handle different layers and groups. Probably for the next time I will experiment with bigger and more spaced tiles for the background.

Thank you Alexandra! :)