Ready for Anything

This is the first time I've really sat down to write about my goals and ambitions. I must admit, this is scary. If I just rolled on with life and had no specific goal there would not be a fear of failure. But failure is the thing that makes us better. I don't want to let myself down. I want to be strong and healthy, even when I'm an old grandma. So this is a project of a lifetime. 

I'm not aiming to lose much weight. I just want to be strong. I remember once telling my friend that I want to look as strong as I feel on the inside, and I still think that's a pretty good way to say it. I am a strong woman. I've had my share of misery and it has made me powerful. Now is the time to let that show. 

I've always been a wallflower, a girl who doesn't want to step up on the stage with my thoughts and opinions. I've come to realize that that's just plain stupid. I am actually great! If I can do pull ups, which many girls can't, shouldn't I be PROUD? This is still a working project. I need to think carefully what kind of people are good for me and of whom I should "let go". It's a package, you know, being healthy.

Here's the goals I posted on the Fitocracy group. I have to say that a goal isn't a fixed idea of something you want to achieve. It can be modified along the way. However, this is not to say that if I feel like it, I can lower my standards. No. I can add more or change something completely but I'm not backing down.

My goals: 
- Make training an essential part of everyday life, just like sleeping and eating
- Do pull ups in sets and without any assistance
- Squat my own bodyweight
- Realize that this is the only body I have and take good care of it - balanced nutrition, sleep and exercise
- Train mobility regularly in order to keep the ankle healthy (I've got problems with my achilles)


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