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Reading one article from the internet a day + writing what I learned

This is my first ever project on Skillshare and hope it goes great!

Here is my personality type

Type 1: Upholder (3) Small tendency

Type 2: Questioner (4) Moderate tendency

Type 3: Rebel (5) Strong tendency

Type 4: Obliger (3) Small tendency

I have signed up for this course

For learning about the habit development process and behaviour design. I am a UX designer myself and this course can help me create better digital products. Tiago Forte's impressive intro pitch is the trigger to enroll.

Here is the Habit I want to inculcate in myself

To thoughtfully read one article a day on the internet and write the key learnings.

My most consistent habits in past

Brushing teeth afterwaking up and before sleep

Watering plants after brushing teeth

Setting alarm before sleeping

Checking mail and social network messages on ariving to work

Drinking ample water

Keystone habit

Post Lunch - I will read one article just after lunch. This will help me get back to desk with more enthusiasm of newly read article.

Evening tea break. If I miss the article post lunch, I will read it while having the evening tea break.


I will let myself use facebook for 10minutes
Will try to make the collectoin of articles I read and post it to public.
The built-in reward of learning something new on reading the article itself.


Set repeatable priority reminder from Laterbox at 2pm - Read 1 article and record what you learned
Evening summary mail from Laterbox will show it if it is not checked.


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