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Reading Rocket!

Update 5


Update 4

First off...I updated the name to Reading Rocket. My daughter and I have a fascination with outer space so we thought it would be cool to change the name. 

I've created a scenario and included the data, functional and experiential needs.

Scenario - Night Time Reading

Data Needs (user needs to know)
Functional Needs (user needs to do, action)
Experiential Needs (user needs to feel)

  • My daughter and I get comfortable in her room to read a book at night.
  • She picks a book from her collection or one she has borrowed from the school or local library.
  • As it can get late, writing things down at that point may not happen all of the time.
  • I open the app and am presented with a whimsical user interface.(experiential need)
  • I see a goal and how many books she has read towards that goal.(data need)
  • I take my phone, add the book info (type, characters, theme, times read, etc)(functional need)
  • When she's done I then add the time spent reading.(functional need)
  • She rates the book (Awesome!/Boring.)(functional need)
  • It get's added to her book database.(data need)
  • There is a screen that announces she is close to her goal.(data need)
  • The app reverts to the home screen(data need)
  • The home screen is updated.(data need)
  • She gets excited to know she is very close to her goal and asks to read another one.(experiential need)

Update 3

I've identified the project goals earlier but wanted to refine them a bit. 


To create an easy to use iOS application that allows a parent, caretaker, etc, to track the books a child has read. To help motivate the young reader, there will be a system in which to set and track goals re: the books they read, time spent reading, goals achieved, etc.

Consider the ability to send the info to the teacher as a substitute for the paper log.

Major Features

  • Allow books to be scanned or added manually
  • Bar Code reader
  • Browse database
  • Manually add book
  •    Title
  •    Book Cover Image
  •    Metadata

Capture the following data:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • One Word Rating
  •    Awesome
  •    Boring
  • Date Started
  • Date Completed

Set Reading Goals

  • Total Number of Books (5,10,20 etc…) Within a time period.
  • Time spent reading a day
  • Different Subjects (Art, Science, Activities, etc

Capture information for the parent to help gain an overall picture of the child's likes, dislikes etc.

  • Total Books read
  • Total Time spent reading/day
  • Most read author
  • Most read character
  • Favorite Book(s)

Email the parent, caretaker… milestones: first book, 5th, 10th etc.

My next post will have some of the initial UI sketches after I complete some of the scenarios in which we would be using the app. 

Update 2

So, variables... that was fun! I got through the section and challenge with no issues except for one. I wanted to see how I could come up with the time it takes to go from my house to my brothers house in Miami. The solution was pretty straight forward:

Time = Distance / Speed (Velocity)

Time = 125 miles / 80 mph 

Time = 1.5625 Hours

The main issue though was converting the resulting decimal number to one that displays time in a way we understand: 01:33:45...

I did read up on time in xcode and there seems to be a way to convert it but I am not there yet. All in all, this was a nice section. On to the next!

Update 1

I would like to have done more but the holidays have been a bit crazy. I did manage to get through the first unit and have xcode setup on my Macbook. 

Looking forward to the next step!

My seven year old daughter has been reading for a couple of years now. I've always found it cumbersome to try and record what books she has read on her school agenda as we normally read in her bed at night. By the time she is done, we are both pretty sleepy and I may not remember to document what book was read. This makes keeping track of the total books she has read as she works toward her goals a bit more difficult. 

My idea for a reading log app is simple:

  • Log the books being read
  • Identify a goal to reach
  • Display a graphic that excites the young reader that they are close to their goal
  • Sort books to gain insight as to certain data (genre, length, times read, etc)
  • Possibly export the data in a format which is similar to her school agenda so her teacher can keep up with her reading adventures!

One of the challenges that will need to be accounted for is the ease in which the books are logged.

  • Will they be pulled from a database? (google, amazon, etc)
  • If the books needs to be entered manually, what happens?
  • Do we need to scan book bar codes or enter isbn numbers?

Hopefully this course will help point me in the right direction!


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