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Christine Nishiyama

Artist at Might Could Studios



Reading Pups

This was such a great class! I've always wanted to make a repeat pattern, and this class clearly laid out all the steps to do it! I decided to make a pattern based on an illustration that I created previously as a personal project. It was basically a dog reading, with books flying around him. Here are my sketches for the original illustration: 

To make the illo into a pattern, I sketched out some extra elements like a library card, glasses, and dots, and then also repeated some elements that were already in the artwork, like the dog's paw prints.

From there, I vectorized the sketches and began messing around with placing them in the pattern block. I already had a set color palette that I liked from the original illustration. Here's my final pattern block:

And this is my final repeat pattern! 

I had a lot of fun making the pattern, and I also uploaded it to Society6 to see what the pattern would look like on products. Here are a couple screenshots of those products:

So what do you guys think? Are there any wonky looking spots to you? Thanks!


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