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Reading List

I've always been a reader.  One of my favorite pastimes is browsing a bookstore for hours, looking at what is new, what catches my eye, or finding some gem in the stacks that you never saw before.  When eBooks came along I was excited at the prospect of being able to carry a library with me where ever I went.  

However, the shopping experience to find books with the online book retailers has left a lot to be desired.  Online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) constantly present you with choices that they think you will like, but in the process they hide a lot of potential choices and discoveries.  In essence you lose the fun of browsing the stacks.  What I've ended up doing was browsing the brick and mortar stores, and making lists of books to purchase with applicatiosn on my iPhone  I've used several different applications, to create lists of possible buys or discoveries for a couple fo years now, but have always wanted a simple application that I could enter a book title or author and then pull up the list at a later date when shopping online.  In a sense it is a wishlist with different categories you can search or sort by.  It would also be useful if you could check off items you have purchased.  

I think the class here will be a good opprtunity to start with a simple intial iteration for this application.  

Future enhancements might include:

  • Barcode scanning of books to add them to the list
  • Metadata lookup based on the ISBN codes
  • Pull down book reviews from online such as, Amazon
  • Possibility of purchasing an ebook from the Reading List.

I am looking forward to learning in the class and any comments you might have.


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