Readiness Checklist of a Preliminary Professional

Readiness Checklist of a Preliminary Professional - student project

Readiness Checklist for Future Clients: 

  1. Leadership - have a complete list of names of those serving on the higher level of the organization
  2. Personnel - have a list of the staff and volunteers who keep the organization running, paying particular interest to those who could play a role in whatever this grant can serve in the community 
  3. Purpose - have a clear mission statement and SMART goals already written out with progress being recorded 
  4. Status - possess working knowledge of the tax status of the organization and key details about behind-the-scenes paperwork 
  5. Finances - obtain a budget laying out clear examples of what funds are dedicated to which area (employee salaries, marketing, fundraising efforts, events, programs, etc.) 
  6. Income - have a list of finite funding sources such as other grants, organizations, donations, savings, etc. 
  7. Services - connect this with #3 and the mission statement 
    1. What makes your organization stand out from others?
    2. How is it serving your community?
    3. More importantly, what does your outreach plan look like to continue to reach your target audience and expand your efforts? 
    4. How can a grant from this particular foundation/program assist you in achieving your goals and moving your organization forward? 

Personal long-term goals 

I’m interested in learning more about and pursuing Grant Writing professionally as a way to use and strengthen my writing and persuasive skills. I’m passionate about service and want to share my expertise with a non-profit or organization. 

As of right now, I’m not sure which organization I want to get involved with and want to make sure it will be a good fit; however, I feel that once I find the right organizations and causes, I will be a strong candidate for Grant Writing, doing the appropriate research to ensure maximum Risk vs. Reward output. 

One major thing Grant Writing will help me improve on personally and professionally is time management and meeting deadlines. While I’ve been consistent with this in the past, applying for grants will help me stay more energized, dedicated, and focused than ever in pursuing grants that will work harmoniously with my organization.