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Jenny Purington

Graphic Designer at Northwest Media



Read Run Ride

Read Run Ride was funded by Beautiful Downtown Lewiston, an organization with efforts to revitalize Downtown Lewiston, Idaho. Through their efforts, the Lewiston City Library moved Downtown and opened their doors on June 8th, after years of fundraising. The much anticipated move brought negative feedback as well as positive. One of the hurdles the Library faced in moving Downtown was parking, or lack there of. The idea behind Read Run Ride was to educate the public on alternative modes of transportation to arrive at their destination, the Library.

I first began brainstorming on ways to convey what Read Run Ride stood for, how to tell the story with images that weren't too literal. Thus, research began. I wanted something fun and full of movement to make the logo interesting and approachable.

Here are a few of my favorite inspiration/illustrations:

Concepts sketches began after the research had taken place. I was inspired by illustrations, water colors, loose hand drawn sketches that convey movement and excitement. I liked my first...errr tenth...sketch, however I felt that the graphics associated with each word did not reflect what was trying to be conveyed.

Round two, after a little help from my daughter (so cute!) I began experimenting with including graphics between or as part of the text. A book with "Read", movement with "Run" and a bike gear with "Ride".

I tried to not make the graphics too literal, but instead upon investigating the graphic one might be able to depict the message conveyed.

With the restrictions of only a one or two color print for the reusable totes, the logo evolved with only two colors that were inspired by the Lewiston City Library logo.

The logo was also used as part of a local Downtown Map to educate the public on using the levee and transit system to arrive at their destination, the Library.


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