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Read More & Exercise Your Mind

DEC 6: Falling off the face of the earth

I have been making handmade wood and fabric brooches like a madwoman. I am a graphic designer by trade – so the fact that the reast of November was sucked up by physical art projects are weird and fantastic. While I've kind of missed the 'deadline' to submit a final project for the contest, I will be starting back up soon!

NOV 5: Lettering Warm-up

I decided to do any many type variations as I could fit on a page. It's been a while so I decided to use graph paper and reference a lot of fonts. It was really fun to mess around - these are only warm-ups, and I am trying not to think of the final product at this point.

Next step - I will be doing a study of individual letters - especially ones that I know I have problems with.

Cleaned it up a bit just so I could take a look w/o lines:



I've decided to replace the word brain with mind. I think it's a little bit more abstract/a less literal. Basically I think mind is a nicer sounding and looking word.


NOV 2: Phrase & Mood Board

At first I thought it would be difficult to come up with a few quotes but once I got going, I had over a dozen easily. Many of which I will definitely use in the future. However I eventually decided to go with something I had come up with myself recently that I didn't use for another project.

Read More & Exercise Your Mind (edit from Brain)

I am part of a publishing company so I'm pretty into books and reading. I thought this would be a really fun project that could potentially be used for a t-shirt (and perhaps some prints).

Here are my brain storming words:

I then went on to the research phase. I thought it would be nice to give the text a similar feeling to old hardcover books. I am kind of picturing the text either sitting on a drawing of a cover of a book, or in a kind of shape of a head, or potentially the shape of an old pill case/bottle. I have gotten in a bad habit of trying to jump to a complete project too fast so I am trying to keep an open mind.

Mood board(s):

Reference from one of the books I have on hand:


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