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Reaching the Wide Open

Two friends and I traveled from Portland, OR to the Saddle Mountain trailhead, nestled in the Oregon Coast Range, for a beautiful trail run. It was the coldest morning during the artic air's stay in the Northwest this December, but we couldn't resist making the trip after the previous day's snowfall and the forecast for clear skies at the coast.  

The results of our outing to Saddle Mountain were gratifying to us all. After climbing 2 miles through snow and ice covered trails, we found ourselves on an open and exposed ridge with astounding views of the Coast Range and the Pacific lit aflame by the sun.

My original shot was left me longing for more detail and brightness in the foreground and throughout the mountains.

I used Snapseed to adjust the brightness and contrast in a few areas and also turned up the HDR filter.  In Filterstorm, I used the clone tool to remove the blue dot I often get when taking photos with a lot of sunlight.  Finally, I used Afterlight to apply a subtle filter. 

My good friend, Bill Gibson of Missoula, MT, exploring his surroundings. 

Thanks for viewing.

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