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Reaching out to make design dreams come true

As a small business owner, I needed an effective way to email potential clients we met at a Bridal Show without coming off as the vendor that's in it for the business. If you will, a vendor that only cares about getting only your business.

We met each of the lovely ladies (and gents) that were on the list that I put together at the event. There were a few that I made a note to contact immediately or if we had a great connection, I would contact seperately...however I needed a method to send out an email to our other potenial clients without wasting 2 hours copy and pasting the same Subject, Text and attached image. 

I wanted to include in each of our Followup emails an image of ourselves at our booth so that if the client can associate our email with our image. I find it helps when you see someone's picture and remember them better than when you only see their name (I'm great with faces, bad with names).


I'll update you on the progress of our campaign after a week or so...but I thought I would at least post up the beginnings of this project.


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