Reaching More People with step 5!

   I took this class today and found how important it is to share things, not only in your timeline, but in groups that you may belong to.  

   Before today...I didn't belong to any groups.  I looked through the illustration groups and found one I liked.  I joined it and then shared my post with them on an illustration that I recently did and had posted a couple of days ago.  (Mind you...before this I only would reach 1 to 2 people a post.)

Look at what happened within just TWO hours of joining a group and sharing a post.  I couldn't believe it! I had to take  a screen shot for you to see.  I had reached 71 people with just with that ONE post that I shared!  Holy Smokes! This is CRAZY!


    So, I would like to recommend SECRET #5 that Diego had suggested, because I've been on Facebook now for about six months and before this....my best post only reached 8 people...that's it!  So, to go from 8 to 71...is just incredible!

For anyone who would like to see my Facebook page, it's: https://www.facebook.com/kellyin3d/




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