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Reach for the Stars

I'm interrupting my personal projects from the first class to try these techniques out on a work project. I need to complete a cover (and in fact, the entire brochure) for 2014-15 season for a local orchestra. Reach for the Stars is the title. It needs to include a logo and a small amount of other text (some will be set, some drawn) and look "musical". 

I tried some simple things, but they didn't seem right and weren't that well received. I think they're used to a very layered look (here's the current brochure:, so I created this sketch:

There are a few changes I know I'll make (I'm going to take the flourishes from the T and S in stars to a 3rd star on top; place musical notes on the staffs) and I'm contemplating others (making the planets look like our solar system -- a tribute to Holst's The Planets). This is a very layered piece, so I already figure I'll have to do at least 5 different tracings. I've got some other stuff I have to work on for the next day or so, so any thoughts you have will be taken into consideration.


I'll back up here and include some background. Here is my word list:

And, while not a real mood board, my inspiration and swipe page:

Then I had 20-30 thumbnail sketches, which I photographed with my iPod, but didn't turn out too well. I'm heading back to look at them for new ideas.



Oy, that last sketch was giving me fits. I could not get the word Reach to look right when traced in pen. Maybe my hands are too shaky. Or maybe I was expecting a cleaner look for that font. Or maybe it was my tools. Whichever, I decided to try something different -- simpler. I switched to using tracing paper (lines seem to stay cleaner) and my Sakura Pigma Micron 05. For the design, I thought I'd keep either the frame or the center, and since the lettering was my problem, I kept the frame. I also needed to make the logo box bigger (isn't that always the case?). I still needed to keep a musical element, but am trying a couple of different ones. I'll probably sit on these for a few days before moving on to textures while I finish other projects, so comments and suggestions are welcome.

Current palette:
 I took a couple of grays I hadn't used out, thus the two blank spaces. May still play with this.

A-Random background elements:

B-Swirly staff:

C-Rocket banner


Thanks for the comments. I did go back and try a more monochromatic look. I like it, but am having problems with getting the textures to look good. Also wondering if I should add back in another brighter color, like gold. I guess I'll go back and rework some more. Here it is at the moment:

OK, after I posted that last one I looked back and the earlier colorful ones that weren't quite as busy, and decided to do some quick edits. Here's the latest:


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