ReDiscovered Design

ReDiscovered Design - student project

Two summers ago, I became very aware of how much amazing old furniture my neighbours were throwing away. It drove me nuts to see such beautiful design-work getting tossed in the garbage. 

I started to grab some smaller pieces and played with them in my garage. By the end of the Summer, stuff was being sent my way from family, friends, and strangers wanting to salvage their once-loved items. 

I decided then to start Found - The Repurposed Design Company with the goal of giving a second chance to beautiful design. My focus was to use discarded, salvaged, and reclaimed materials, discarded. I even found lots of fun materials at thrift shops (eg. handles and legs) and hardware stores (paint miss-mixes) on liquidation shelves. This allowed me to source quality materials and rescue even more discarded treasures. 

As my house filled with redesigned enjoyment, friends and family started asking me to sell them and snatching them up. This exploration and play extended past a hobby and into a passion with potential. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to put unique creations on a single Etsy shop, as my over thrity year art practice has always been about material explorations, so I have tons of eclectic work I want to share with a wider audience. 

Some of my ceramics are also seen on the top of this cabinet. 

My biggest questions right now, and more will come, are to get a good grasp of how to price the work, how to ship the work, and if I should have different Etsy shops for different kinds of work: Reclaimed Furniture, ceramics, paintings & drawings. 

Feedback and guidance are very welcome. 

ps: I've been writing about my process for a few years at The New Renaissance Mindset @

ReDiscovered Design - image 1 - student project

This is what it looked like when it started. 

ReDiscovered Design - image 2 - student project