Re-starting my veterinary Youtube channel.

Re-starting my veterinary Youtube channel. - student project

I want to make take this class in order to re-think and make some important decisions about my Youtube channel like:

- Is my content appropriate? How can I improve it?

- Should I start making videos in English as well as Spanish?/ Should I open a different channel for videos in English?

- Should I invest in publicity?

- Am I creating a community?

- How important is it to own a blog as well as a Youtube channel. Can you be successful with only the channel?


I hope I get to answer all these questions. I will be sharing with you my conclusions and my progress.


I hope you can speak Spanish because, for now, I can only share with you the work I did until 6 months ago all in my mother language! 

I will keep you posted! 


Please comment below if you have good advice.