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Re-launch of Local SEO Service

I have been doing SEO and small business webdesign as a freelancer for the last 5 years, and have picked up clients via word of mouth, running Adwords, buying leads, contacts of contacts and via Google Maps. Having decided to create a new local SEO website for my city to expand my business I decided to use this class as a template to run through to make sure that I wasn't missing anything important.

I initially thought I know all there is to know about the topic having been in SEO for that length of time and having studied the how-to of Search Engine Optimisation via many sources, mentors, memberships and courses. I have paid mid four figure fees each year to develop and maintain my knowledge, however I have spent more time developing client sites than keeping up to date with developing my own so this course is a refresh of what I need to do to bring in more business and is surprisingly thorough at the price. Way to go Christine.  

Here's a previous iteration of it

which was the stage where it got quite a few local enquiries. I think it was personal and real and covered pricing but still looked a little amateur. It appealed to the price conscious shopper which showed in the clients that it attracted at the time.

I changed out the theme for a new more optimised one for lead gen, but there was a corruption in the database and I didn't have the tech knowledge at the time to remedy it. Coupled with a penguin hit for dup content (articlebase articles on it on the backend of the site) and not really spending any time on keeping it fresh or optimising it, it has languished in the SERPS. It's most recent incarnation saw it with default wp theme on it which obviously looks rubbish.

I am most happy with the testimonials page so in the redesign I will make more of a feature of them perhaps in scrolling widgets on the homepage.

I bought a new domain for this project which is a partial match domain which should show local intent for city + seo and won't be held back by the price shopping theme of the other domain. Also what I didn't know when I bought it is that the local deal domain used to be owned as a marijuana dealers website so maybe there is a little black mark on it in Google from its past! The main reason for the change though is to jettison the economy shoppers attracted by that domain and to work with monthly retainer clients. If I can rank number 1 in London for £30 a click keywords for clients then I can surely rank in a much smaller city nearer to home, for less competitive keywords, even though search and websites are quite competitive they don't cost that per click.


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