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Re-engaging a conversation

Hello Sheri,


Hope this term is going well! Has the musical happened yet?


I just wanted to take a moment and share an exciting piece of Free The Children and Me to We news! As someone who has shown great interest in our Kenya programs, I wanted to personally let you know just how impactful support of schools here in Canada has been.


As you may know, Free The Children and Me to We, with the support of the local community and passionate schools like yours, broke ground on our first all-girls secondary school, Kisaruni, in 2009. It is with great pride and excitement that we can share with you today that the very first class of girls has graduated from Kisaruni. Learners walked across the stage to collect their diplomas, confident and poised to take on the role of leaders and transform the future of their communities. If you’re interested, you can read more about the graduation ceremony and Kisaruni’s impact on our blog, a snapshot of which is included below.


In Kenya, students are required to take a standardized exam when they graduate and then have their results compared with students across the country. After an intense and grueling exam period, the results are in - Kisaruni took the top spot out of 112 schools in Norak County.


The success of Kisaruni and the impact that the school has had on the lives of the students, their families and the surrounding communities in Kenya is truly amazing and could not have been achieved without dedicated schools like yours. Whether you have travelled to Kenya previously, or are considering travelling to Kenya again in the future, thank you for all that you do to empower your students – they really are making a difference in the lives of youth around the world!  



If you have time when you come back from your March break I would love to continue our conversation about travelling to Kenya next summer!



This email was sent to individuals to re-open a conversation that had stalled due to a verying number of factors.


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