Re-Start My Blog

I already crated my blog with but hardly put a consistency to write because I'm not confident with anything I put on my blog. So, here, I'll start from the beginning again to find what suits me, what comfortable for me, and increase my confidence.

Task 1

Blog goals: to put my portfolio in one place (it'll about my paintings, photos I've taken, writing) so that I could go freelance! Yay!

Platform: now I still use and I think I'll use that blog until I find a good price and time to move into

Task 2

inspirational blog:

1. I love this blog because it's design is simple yet eyecatching, the color theme looks warm, friendly, yet still looks aestethic and classy. Here I feel comfortable to explore her blog

2. bearbell dressler I love this one, so iconic. There's something special in her website, something that only will be hers. So classic but still fresh and not felt old

3. I really love this one. The design is so simple and calming

4. I also like this, simple, good looking and I can find anything easily

5.  I love how friendly and warm writing style she has. This is one of my favorite!

Task 3

I already create my blog, but I haven't write anything. You can visit and give your opinion here