Re-Lunching my watercolors



Thanks so much for your classes - I first peeked into your color mixing class because this is always an issue for me with my watercolors. Then I decided to first take this class instead. I havent had time to do the whole class yet but still I am so happy I joined! I love that you included so many exercises - this helped me see that I really need to practice and also give me like a schedule of what to practice.

I am pretty happy with my first page of gradients - there are sure more to come as they are so much fun! Looking forward to the next bit of the class and all the classes that follow!

I actually joined a local school for watercolor classes Two years ago when I decided to pick up watercolors - I have to say: I learned way more in your classes and got much worthier content that the 6 months of course got me in the local school....

Thanks for your work and all the good classes you have! 



Combining my pulse and precision exercise with mixing colors - having so much fun practicing! I never thought of mixing liquid watercolors with pansetsso happy i did now and love the results and much more vibrant colors i can achive!!!b691f256



This project was so much fun - and easy to execute - even for a beginner!  



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