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Allison MacAlister

Immensely Improving Illustrator.



Re-Designing a Flying Lemur

Hi class,

Finally starting this class! I decided to go with a total redesign of an creature I used to draw a lot - a little flying lemur-esque beast.

I used to draw it like an elongated ringtailed lemur with loosely feathered wings. Not much research or believability involved. My drawing skill has increased significantly since then, and between that and the lessons RJ teaches here, I hope to give it a fresh new spin.

Step One: Concepts

I knew I wanted a ringtailed lemur to be the focus animal, but with potential aspects of rodents and/or mustelids, bats and birds. I toyed with wing placement - as extensions of the shoulders or as extensions of the arms themselves, bat-style. I'm thinking I prefer the shoulder-extension wing style.

Ear shapes vary between lemur, rodent and bat. Played with small and large eyes, but given the size of the creature and its nature, eye shape will likely be large.

Varying body types - ferret-like, rodent-like and bat-like. I think I like either the concept of a small mouse-like body, or a heavy chest area with smaller haunches for proper wing support. I like the concepts with a fluffy neck and ears.


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