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Karen Murray

Illustrator & Designer





After starting a new career as an illustrator and designer, I need to rebrand my company as my old branding does not suit my new purpose.


1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

I want my brand to be known for unique, quirky and high quality illustration, often informed by fairy tales and other fantasical elements. These illustrations will be used as art prints, for homewares and stationery.

I will also work with clients who want to use my style to promote their products / events / etc.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:

  • Personalising the things around them. They love design and art, and like to surround themselves with items that speak of their personal loves and style. Whether this is things for the home, primarily artwork (both in framed form and on home items such as cushions), but also when it comes to things like phone covers, etc.
  • Imagination
  • Uniqueness
  • Sophistication. They love things that are quirky, cute and feminine, but not twee.
  • Having something that another person won't. They love bespoke things. They don't buy from stores that stock hundreds of the same dress / cushion / print. In terms of clients, rather than customers, they want their brand to stand out.

3. Your brand is NOT:

  • Still
  • Corporate
  • Technical
  • Transformable into other styles. Clients come to me for a specific look, not for me to emulate someone else's style.

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

  • Originality
  • Fantasy
  • Whimsical

Objective (what is the goal of this branding project):

To come up with a brand that will reflect, and be cohesive with, my illustration and design style, and sell me / help me promote myself as a professional illustrator and designer.

Target (who is the brand trying to reach - demographic and mindset):

  • Primarily young to middle aged (15-40) women
  • Intelligent
  • Readers (people who love stories, especially those that have an element of fantasy to them)
  • Like to surround themselves with items that reflect their personalities
  • Art lovers
  • Love feminine, quirky things, but don't like twee styles (e.g. Cath Kidston)

Insight (what deep consumer need is the brand trying to solve):

Something more unique to hang on their walls or decorate at home / stationery that is a little less standard than something they can just buy from a high street store that aims at the general public.

Key Idea (the core purpose of the brand - should be pithy & inspirational):

Illustration and artwork for grown ups who still love the fantasical.

Supporting Facts About the Brand:

1. The popularity of sites such as Society6, Etsy and Threadless, as well as boutic shops, show that people yearn for more original and personal items in their lives, from clothing to homewares. They don't want to have something that anyone can buy from a standard high-street shop.

2. Artists / illustrators / designers can make a living from selling their work online.


3-Word Personality (the brand’s tone):

Mystical / Whimsical / Feminine


Create a collage of imagery that represents the personality and “mood” of the brand. Try to avoid literal images, and instead focus on colors, textures, and feelings. This collage should start to build the “world” of your brand, and will serve as guidance when you move into design.

The look and feel I am currently researching has a soft and feminine, but sophisticated look, heavily inspired by a range of art styles, heavily Art Noveau, with a fantastical and quirky feel.


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