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Ray Mawst - student project

Ray Mawst - image 1 - student project

Hey there, 

First of all, Big thanks to Tom for putting together this class! 

So, This is where I'm currently at with my project. Below are my initial and unrefined sketches of roller skating ladies from the 80s. Huh, that rhymed! I'm excited to push these forward in refinement. I think the most satisfying part of this exercise so far was when I arranged them, and they seemed to compliment each other in a fun way. 

Ray Mawst - image 2 - student project

Ray Mawst - image 3 - student project

The paper cutouts were a surprisingly fun activity! I enjoyed the fact that they were spontaneous and unplanned. There really is something to using a crude tool like scissors that helps bring about some unexpected 'happy accidents'. There's not too much of a theme for my cutouts since they were impromptu, but they almost look like they're dancing! 
Ray Mawst - image 4 - student project

The 'People In Shapes' exercise was also a fun one for me! I found this exercise interesting because I think it demonstrates a sort of universal design principle. When we have unlimited freedom to design or draw anything we want with no restrictions... it's sometimes hard to know where to start. But the constraint of the shape made it easy to begin, and gave me some angles that would eventually be included in my drawing. Good stuff! Ray Mawst - image 5 - student project

To kick things off, I started by finding an ice skater to draw for the action shots. I couldn't stop laughing after I drew the first iteration. It was so grotesque. But my revision was a lot more pleasing! I thought it was kind of interesting to see a heavier set lady ice skating, since in competitions they are traditional super light. 


After drawing the first two versions below, I went to sleep for the night, and in the morning I drew version 3 & 4 from memory.

Ray Mawst - image 6 - student project


Ray Mawst
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