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Hello, my name is Jose i go by the alias name as Sovl. 

Ive always had a passion for creating something, whether simple or intricate. I drive inspiration from just about anything, and ive always enjoyed the designs, quality and meanings art, whether its old, new, or its on a album cover.

A couple years ago i started getting into streetwear, but i was introduced to a bunch of small streetwear brands like Stay Dirty, Divided Minds, Timeless Thrills KcufThePopulation etc. I was pretty amazed cause most of these people were just like every other preson, and i said to myself if they can do it i can as well. I would talk to them and most of them would give me advice or id just learn from them because i had now idea on how to do things. I wanted everything to be clean and cut.

This brand is me and my good friends Dahbid thing. We both come from a good knowledge on a lot of different things that will contribute to the brand. We have many different concepts for collections for Rawten, some concepts are going to come and go with different designs but we really want to give our customers an experience rather than just product.

With our first drop, entitled "Renegades" the concept is pretty self explanatory. Its a small drop, consisting of 3 tees. We want to give our customers more than just product, but an experience along with it.

Some redesigning took place, that changed a lot of what we were actually going to release so we have to redo our linesheet and all.. We felt the dropped lacked to capture that full renegades concept, we have finished and approved all our new designs and are now working on the class projects again.

Heres a preview:

Some 3.5" x 2.5" cards in a 16 point thick cover stock, with a matte finish. We just got these in!

Line/Order sheet for our Renegades collection (still not done, might add the rest information on another sheet)

Get in contact with us here:







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