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Update march 20th - IDEA SELECTION

After long debate, especially since I got equally positive feedback on two of my ideas, I have decided to go for My Dog Ate It! I pictured Hell Above in my head as something more suitable for a full-length film in the big screen. One of those popular post-apocalyptic scenarios with lots of drama, struggle and intensity, so who knows? I'll keep it under wraps on the shelf. Maybe it will see the day one day.

So get ready to find out what happens with Marcus and Garnet, and how their story unfolds!

Stay tuned.


Rumor Come True

It is a seemingly ordinary day in Johnny’s life as he leaves home to run some errands. Meanwhile on Facebook, his mischievous roommates decide to start a highly organized rumor claiming he is father to a 7-year-old girl, who supposedly visited Johnny’s apartment with her mother. The rumor spreads swiftly like fire, catching the attention of all his contacts. Oblivious to his virtual ordeal, Johnny goes peacefully through his day until he finds out through an acquaintance that he runs into on the street. As the rumor turns out to be a real secret from his past that he tried hard to cover up, Johnny sets out on a journey to debunk the rumor by means that would reveal in the end just what he put so much effort to hide… to everyone’s surprise.


Hell Above

A group of friends live an average life in New York City. Lillian, a young nurse freshly graduated, is on her way to meet the group at a café on a fateful summer day. It is short before noon and little does she know about the world she leaves behind upon entering the subway. A Super Solar Flare of unprecedented magnitude hits the Earth destroying most infrastructures and instantly killing virtually everyone on the surface, sparing only the few fortunate souls underground. Lillian is in the train when the power goes out, and all survivors, disconnected from the reality above them, must work together to discover little by little the gravity of their situation and to survive for as long as possible until it is safe to go back outside.


My Dog Ate It!

The year is 3013 and Marcus Rockwell is a world-renowned geologist who recently discovered what is believed to be the last remaining trace of a rare metal formerly exploited for its radioactive properties: Uranium. Marcus is scheduled to give a lecture at his university in the evening to present the invaluable sample, but his luck changes when the penny-sized rock, which he had brought home the night before for some final analysis, goes missing. Hours of frantic searching prove useless when, suddenly, Marcus’ pet dog Garnet begins showing strange new behaviors. As all the evidence points more and more towards the fact that Garnet ate the uranium sample, Marcus is faced with the challenge of his life: finding a way to extract the sample or presenting Garnet’s new radioactive abilities to his audience. The whole world is watching.

Since English is not my first language, please let me know how natural the reading feels to you and my ability to keep ideas concise. Also, if you would use different vocabulary or expressions in some cases. Thanks! Raul