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Christine King





I'll be honest I struggled with this geometric way of illustrating. I'm a huge fan of detail and original lines so at first it was hard to let go of individual, unique shapes, but by the end it all came together. I have texture and effects to add I guess but i've learnt enough for now and i'll come back later with a revised design.

I chose the rat because my friend recently lost his pet rat and i was going to give him a print of this. The warm colours are not my favourite colours but it made it easier to not be too picky for my first try and just use the first ones I decided on.

Here's the resources I used.


Here's my initial sketch.


Here's some progress shots of my design.


Here's the final design for now. I spent a lot of time reshaping and lining up certain features as they didn't look quite right when I added colour and made everything more streamlined.


I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I will have to go back and do the screenprinting tutorial and brush up on my skills again. I don't think I have been able to emulate the style that was demonstrated as such and I will continue to refine that look. It's been a while since i've used illustrator on a daily basis but I was very excited to see the end result of this project, brush off the cobwebs and get back to it.

Thank you for taking the time to teach. :)

And heres the latest incarnation :)



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