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Rational Stargazer


I decided to do custom logo for my husband. Not sure he really need it, haha, but I need some practice. He is freelancing programmer and I think he can use his logo on his website and it'll make him stand out.

I want to do some beautiful lettering for his nickname Rational Stargazer. I'm a huge fan of retro-lettering, but client is always right and he don't like vintage style at all, absolutely not :)) So I should make some nice font and try to make it simple, because he want to. I want this logotype to be handwritten, because for me it's beautiful.

I found some awesome and great examples that I like in internet. Sorry that I don't mention authors, I just used google search for images.

1. I like this lettering, it looks beautiful. I want to draw something like this.


2. This one is great too. I like how fast it looks, and I like how two words work together. I have two words too and I want to make two lines.


3. This one is simpler than others, I think my husband should like simplicity. And also it's example of two lines. I think that it's not so perfect, but I doubt than I can do better :)


4.This one is really beautiful! I like the lettering and a frame too. But I think it's a wrong direction for my project. Looks vintage and not simple.


5. This one looks cool! I like dimensions and shapes.


6. Here I like the composition, and how "high quality" is look together with lettering. Maybe I include some description to my logo the same way. Lettering looks cool, but rather dramatic for my project.


My sketches:

1. this is my first attempts.


2. I talked to husband and draw some more sketches. This which marked with green mark is his favorite.


3. I used tracing paper and pen and redraw it with ink and pressure. I like this result, but I want letters to be bolder.


4. I tried to use brush and I'm not so happy with what I get.


5. I tried to redraw my letters in a large scale and with thickness, and I drew this. My sheet of paper  ended :) I was not planned this well, I just draw letters to see how it goes. I think I like this one and I'll take tracing paper and will draw the rest.


UPDATE 06.11.2015

Finally I finished my project. I like the result, but it actually became look vintage :)
My final sketch:


And vectorized version:



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