Rate my dates

Rate my dates - student project

I know a lot of people still looking for the "one", the person they want to love and be with in the long term. And so they go on the dating scene, meet people, break up, forget and keep moving on until they find the right person.

Ultimately my app will serve as a lovelife diary of sorts. It aims to help keep track of your experiences with your dates/lovers. With it you can 'rate' your dates based on how you feel about them. You can also go back to revisit former dates and see what was your experience with them, what you liked and disliked about your time with them. You can finally see a ranking of all your dates, driven by a simple algorithm based on the data you entered over time.

I chose this concept also because it enables me to use some standard iOs form factors and app experiences.

Here's a link to interactive wireframes: http://share.axure.com/C0Y6AT/

The red stars indicate what can be clicked.