Raspberry Pi camera housing.

Raspberry Pi camera housing. - student project

Well, it's a start! I want to design a housing for my Raspberry Pi camera, to use on a mounting arm attached to my 3D printer, so I can monitor prints via Octopi.

Here's what I have so far! I'm finding this really challenging as in this instance, a physical object has to fit inside this thing, so there's lots of measuring going on!

I'm loving the fillets and chamfers, but I'm finding the concept of the sketches a bit of a challenge. For instance, each of the three holes on the from face of this consist of separate sketches... I'm sure I should be able to create the three centre circles within a single sketch on the front face? After I've completed one element in a sketch, I don't see how to create another element on the same sketch. I'm missing something, I think!

Anyway, this is great fun and I'm learning so much.

I'm also including a pic of the v1 of this item (rudimentary as it is) which I created in Tinkercad.

Back to learning! ;) Raspberry Pi camera housing. - image 1 - student projectRaspberry Pi camera housing. - image 2 - student projectRaspberry Pi camera housing. - image 3 - student projectRaspberry Pi camera housing. - image 4 - student project