Rasmus Aarla Marketing

Rasmus Aarla Marketing - student project

I'm interested in building my own personal Instagram account to promote different brands clothes or accessories, because I love going to photo shoots. I have never backed out on proposals to wear only a shirt while it's minus 15 degrees celsius outside. For now, I have worked with my friends' brands and haven't got any other deals.


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It's a hobby from which I'm willing to build a full time job, though, right now trying to increase my following has been very slow and steady. My feed doesn't have an exact theme, because all of the photo shoots have been for a different cause. Can you suggest me, how to move towards some certain theme. What theme options do you guys see?


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The thing is that I'm doing a lot of different things in my life and I'm not only modelling for different brands, but also doing public speaking, marketing and other business. Through increasing my audience I'm also interested in increasing the knowledge of my other skills, fields of interest and businesses. Really looking forward to your thoughts! :)


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