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Rascally Racoon Logo

I always thought raccoons were cool. Wily, cunning, carrying themselves with a certain sophisocation and elegance, and they know how to dress.

The ideal pose was dynamic and captured the tail and face, while portraying the poise and confidence of a raccoon on the prowl in the middle of the night. Not coy, cute or cuddly—strong, but not threatening, speaking softly but carrying a big stick:


I explored a couple of different directions, the first shown here, before deciding on a final.


While I liked this pose a lot because of the framing of the face and tail, the rear foot placement looked a little bit awkward. While I felt this could be worked out, I wanted to capture a connection to the viewer that I remember from camping trips to the north woods of Wisconsin, where a flaslight shined in any direction would garner dozens of pairs of glowing red eyes staring back. Eerie, sure, but it speaks for a certain self-assuredness.


This pose boiled the raccoon's shape down to three basic shapes—the triangle of the background legs and face, the foreground legs and top of the head including the ears, and finally the tail.



Good design is minimal—just the facts, only what you need, and figuring out how to tell the most detailed story with the fewest parts. Over the next several iterations, I pared down the elements. Also, I re-drew the tail striping to the right shape and volume:


A good logo is as effective on a lapel pin as it is on the side of a truck. Time to add weight to the most important detail of all:


And finally, the best logos work as well in one color as they do in two. Or three. Or four. You get the point.


Thanks for stopping by. What do you think?


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