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Rapture Poster

I'm really excited to finally start this project! I'm a huge Bioshock fan and I've always wanted to try to recreate the artwork that the artist did in this game. 

This poster has a few elements that I don't know yet how to recreate in this poster, but through the journey I hope to learn from all of you! 



Update 2 (picture above): I'm moving along with adding all the details in the mask, it's difficult to see the yellow confetti on the mask. I guess I have to have patience to replicate the ribbons. I'm thinking I should make the ribbons a brush. Until next time. 



Update 3: Added more shadow on the mask. I need to remember to log what I did so that I will not forget when I want to try these methods again. For the shadow I used the pen tool to create a shape on one side, then I copy > paste > reflect the shape, and then connected the 2 shapes together by using the "unite" under pathfinder. 

Update 4: I've completeed the ribbon and filigree on the mask, now to takle all the confetti and text. I've been telling myself "keep going Monet, it's gonna rock!" 



I wanted to finish this study of this Bioshock Poster. I did use the pen tool to draw RAPTURE, but I found a basic font "limelight" for the rest of the lettering. 

During this project I had discovered a few tricks to help me out for the confetti, which would have taken me too long to draw each one. I used shift>opt>drag to copy and past and object, it had saved me lots of time. 

At the end I used photoshop to add the grunge texture on top of my vector file. I'm still working of using texture in illustrator by using a homemade texture and converting it as a tiff, but in the end it was not to my liking...gots lots more to work on.

I think I'm going to close this chapture of my replica Bioshock poster. 

I had fun, learned so much, and i'm encourage to study more from my favorite art and graphic designs. 


Monet Romero


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