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Rapid launch

I did a rapid launch on my first class which was very successful, and so I wouldn't dream of publishing without doing a launch marketing sequence within the first 2 hours.

I'm interested in the question of timing- I think that for my topics which are more hobby/household related than business, I plan launching on a Friday from now on to catch my students' weekend time for leisure/chores. Last time I published on a Thursday morning in NZ (a lot of my off-skillshare mailing list)/Wednesday night USA&Europe/ middle of the night in Asia.  I think the midweek launch meant that lots of interest was dissipated  by the time people actually had 20 minutes spare to watch.  

Do you have thoughts on days of the week/times of the day that are best for launching new classes?

This the screen shot I used to promote/educate for class engagement



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