Rapid Web Development using CodeIgniter

Rapid Web Development using CodeIgniter

Updated Nov, 13th 2012

If you are a freelance web developer you know time is money. Being able to rapidly develop custom websites or web applications quickly is key to finishing projects on time and on budget. This beginner course will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to CodeIgniter framework
  2. Downloading and installing the CodeIgniter framework
  3. Understand CodeIgniter MVC structure
  4. Creating a simple blog with CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

Required Materials

  • Local server running LAMP (Suggestion: MAMP for Mac, or WAMP for Windows)
  • Access to local database server
  • Text editor (Suggestion: TextMate, Coda or Espresso on Mac, E-Texteditor for Window)


  • Beginner to Intermediate knowledge of PHP & MySQL

Class Format: Online

Class Award
One person will be chosen from the class to receive one free hour of strategy and consulting of their CodeIgniter project.

Live online development session of new Issue Tracking web application I am developing with Q&A

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