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Rapid Launch for my latest class

I try the rapid launch process since I've learned about the latest changes in the SkillShare ranking, so I'm not giving out hundreds of free enrollment links, but I try to limit it to about 30 and post them into several SkillShare related Facebook groups.

With this one, I did not have the success as expected, as I tried it yesterday and just got 15 enrollments so far. Usually, I can get 25 overnight, so I still have to try harder.

BTW: this is the premium link for the class:

Another tip that might be helpful: I often see that teachers post their classes on the Facebook Groups. I have joined about a dozen of these groups, which allows posting class coupons, and I often see teachers are posting their class in all groups at the same time.

I usually wait an hour or two, until I post another free coupon. Usually, these posts will disappear quickly, because other teachers also post their classes, so that it will be more likely that mine will be seen when I distribute them over time in several groups. Also, I found it a bit annoying to get all the notifications for one SkillShare class 12 times, so I turned off notifications on Facebook for most of the classes. I'm sure, other Facebook users may do the same, so it may hurt the teacher's visibility if they post all the stuff at the same time.


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