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Rapid Launch for my first class

First, I'm really happy that I found your class, because it provided me with all the information I needed for a good launch. Without your class I would have hesitated too much with promoting my class.

Second: It is hard to make a quick launch if you do not already have a followership AND the people you know are mainly not english native speakers.

I launched about 12 hours ago and have 12 students by now.

The ones who enrolled quickest were the ones who are already at skillshare and who follewed me because they are my friends or because they got cought on my project during the September Teach Challenge. 

Second, the people I aquired over my private Facebook Profile and my German Business Facebook Page (But it's only a little number.)

The ones I emailed haven't reacted yet.

Also I still have no enrollments from the Facebook Groups, where I posted the class for free. (But those are also mainly German groups.

That's all about my "quick" launch so far... I keep on promoting...

My little success: If you search for "breakfast", I am fifth. (Was more behind yesterday.) - But that's perhaps thanks to your Tags - Class...

Is it a bad conversion rate, if I have 72 views and only 12 Enrollments? 


It's 36 hours after the launch now... I have 31 Enrollments (Hit 25 about 25 hours after launch.), 11 Feedbacks, 2 Student Projects, some Comments. - There are 17 free enrollments and 14 premium. 

I posted a free link in another Facebook Group (not yours) and had about 5 free Enrollments from there over night. 

Urged some of my people to really enroll. - Still no referrals to Premium, though.

The best thing:

1 rank 2nd on Culinary and 1st or 2nd on Culinary Subcategories, 45th on main page.



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