Rap Artist Location Shoot

I have an upcoming shoot within the next few few weeks with a Rap artist and I thought this would be a perfect oppurtunity to actually lay a bit of ground work and get prepared for the shoot while also learning a lot through this skillshare project. The mood board is a perfect idea and its not something I had ever really thought about.

First I have added  a couple of my own shots. Below that then is my moodboard with shots from artists i admire alongside some locations I have been thinking about.

The artist I will be working with is definitely Rap however has a working class attitude and there is also a tiny element of Pop in there. It will have to be a delicate balance between covering all the bases but not going too far in any one direction.

I will also be uploading more shots of locations I have been thinking about. My Pinterest mood board is:


Moodboard Below:


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