Ranking the Clusters

Thoroughly enjoyed this class ... the happy calm smiling easy explanations, inspiring and stimulating.  

So I have followed it through and once I have laid everything out in a mixed up, yet orderly (to me) fashion, I discovered that actually a flatlay (floor as opposed to wall) is not what my cards, words & photos need - but a globe to be pinned on, so intertwined are they that as I have laid them out that actually the left hand side would do well to be joined into the right hand side... My categories all blend and meld into one another and there are no defined lines as such... a learning and inspiring spiral .. just - what to stick at the pinnacle???

I ended up deciding the categories might be as follows:

1. : Pattern / Design - my love of simple shapes, colour (mostly blues I think) and clean patterns

2. : Creative Learning - I am following & learning from a plethora of amazing artists 

3. : Coastal Hiraeth (which is a Welsh word having more depth than just longing)

4. : Outdoor Inspiration - which kind of runs through it all


Something inside me has definitely been ignited ... so much to explore, dancing in different directions.


Thank you


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