Rania Michael Illustration

Rania Michael Illustration - student project

Hi, my name is Rania and I have been illustrating for many years. It has always been my passion to illustrate from very young and believe this is what I should be doing.

I have done some commission work over the years, although I am looking to make it something bigger and more constant. 

My goal is to make a portfolio and start using all my socials more frequently by July 2019. Also to make a website to sell originals, prints and commission works.


Instagram: raniamichael_illustration (still working on my portfolio so nothing posted as yet). Illustrations I have done in the past have been posted on @raniamichael


I am finding it a little hard in finding my style of illustration, although I am still trying different styles. My only real struggle at the moment is finding the time to sit down and illustrate, with kids, work and family duties.

How does everyone else cope, any suggestions?


Rania Michael Illustration - image 1 - student project

Rania Michael Illustration - image 2 - student projectRania Michael Illustration - image 3 - student project