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I had so much fun with this one.

I actually find myself concepting more while on the computer. Messing around with the lines and shapes, I usually find myself visualizing during that process.
I took a really rough sketch that I felt had potential, and as I started to trace on illustrator, my vision for this project became clearer.

It's a terrible habit, but I don't even bother to save roughs as I'm sketching on illustrator. So it's hard to get a sense of how I got from point A to point B with the image I've attached below... The sketch doesn't even look like the final product.

I loved the idea of playing with the eyelashes. I wanted to focus on the eyes and I realized that I could achieve this "sunshine" kind of effect with the shapes I was playing with - a perfect element to the chicken.
I didn't like the nose on the beak, and decided that I liked the simple line on the beak to better show what the shape was supposed to be.

Here's my first run at it! It reminds me of a breakfast joint or a cool logo for a local farmer. 
I feel like I can do more with the beak... And the 3 lines at the bottom...


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