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Rangeeli Chick - Life In Full Color

Rangeeli is a Hindi word which means, colorful. I believe life is full of color in various ways; not just visually but also mentally and socially. I used this idea as an inspiration for my Lifestyle/Personal blog that I call Rangeelichick.com. I enjoy sharing and communicating about whatever I find to be interesting with the world and this is my primary goal. Currently my blog only has a book reviews and a couple of other posts, but it shall keep growing!

My second and third goals with this blog project are a bit more personal. I am aiming to exercise my writing skills once again in order to improve them. In addition to that, I want to break down certain stereotypes about individuals with disabilities by showing that a person can define him or herself however they like. My content will not revolve around having challenges (but I may write about them from time to time), as these challenges do not define my person as a whole. My interests and tastes in books, style, food, technology, personal opinion, etc. define a much larger part of who I am.

I hope one day I may blog professionally, but I will see how this project evolves as time goes by and my SEO improves!


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