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Random Word Doodling- First Class on Skillshare

Day 1


So I started this class, it give you a set of rules and a list of 10 words. Out of those ten completely random words you pick one and you draw it within 10-15 minutes.

This was my drawing for day 1, my random word was Odor.

I honestly like it, I think it is funny!!!!

Day 2!!!!


So i skipped the weekend due to i was at the beach and didn't have internet :( .....but beach :)

So my random word was madbrained it made me think mad scientist so that is what i doodled.

I like my doodles they make me giggle, hopefully I will make all of mine do that :)

Day 3


My ideal time for my random word doodles is around 11 o'clock am which is my break time. Its when my brain is just tired of work already and I need to get my mind off it.

My word today was Trappist, So I thought T rappist, So i made a T rapping lol.

the graffiti on the wall SCITH stands for Shawna C in the house lol

DAY 4!!!


So todays word was Traditional, I had a rough time picking a word today because nothing seemed to give me any ideas to think out of the box. It might also be because im in a bad mood today, work :(

But I came up with this doodle it is kinda a more literal sense.

The guy to me is a old fashioned "traditional" man, where even though he's not happy he does anything to please his lady. Then the woman has an old traditional dress but she is new age "traditional" on how women act now a days, mostly very rude to her man or doesnt care about the sweet small things people do, only cares about objects such as her shoes, i feel like this is something you see alot in society today.

DAY 5!!!!


So per video I share with my friends and also in my project gallery obviously >_<

But my word for today was Blennioidea..... I had no idea what this word meant so I drew from what it sounded like which sounded like a blender with a idea. I drew a blender who didnt want to be a blender anymore so he had a idea to cut his cord lol

I looked up the actual definition after i was done its not anything i would of thought of

Definition ofBlennioidea

  1. :  a suborder of Percomorphi that includes the Blenniidae and other families of blennies and comprises marine fishes with the pectoral fins large but the pelvic fins reduced or absent, scales partially or wholly lacking, and a usually elongated body often specialized for tide pool existence

Day 6 :)


So for todays word I chose Igigi (what it means I don't know but i looked it up after). 

Today we just had to start with a shape or line or squiggly mark so i started with a square and thought Igigi sounded like I gigi which made me think giggle/embarassed. So i mad a little giggly blushing square >_<

so Igigi is actually a plus sized clothing store or Igigi was a term used to refer to the gods of heaven in Sumerian mythology.


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