Random Stock

More and more people are selling things online. Ebay, Etsy and Craigslist have empowered many sellers, but have also made it harder to stand out from the crowd. How can you sell something quickly and be seen by many?

Random Stock hopes to create an online market place where all goods are featured prominently and sold quickly. Its sort of like a cross between Etsy and Ebay, except with a garage sale mentality where buyers can quickly browse for the latest items, being sold in an "everything must go" context.

It will be a simple site that mainly consists of a homepage that displays a limited set amount of goods from buyers who sign up. Once an item is sold the next seller in the queue will take its spot on the homepage. Buyers must be quick and check often to see what's next. If an item hasn't sold for a TBD set amount of hours, the item will be taken off the homepage and the seller can try and enter it again, up to 2 times.

The key to this model is the site's simplicity, the random surprise of the goods and the speed at which sales occur. There's no search, no categories, no auction bidding, just a homepage with a set amount of items (30 for right now?) with set prices. If a buyer is interested, the can just click to buy or just wait a few hours later to see what else there is. Sellers will like this since it gives them an automatic featured showcase for their item that can be seen by all.

What do you guys think? I'll add images and sketches soon!


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