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Random || Order

Colour Thief

Playing around with HYPE and with a bit of extra processing code managed to build an interactive colour picker to extract colours from images. Will take an image, analyse the most common colours and let you add / remove colours using the mouse until you arrive at a pleasing palette. Press 's' on the keyboard and it spits out a text file with a new HColorPool ready for use. If anyone is interested, let me know, and I can pass on the source code...

Kaleidescope (sorta)

Some further hacking around...and it turns out that you can make some cool stuff -  this is done purely in HYPE with a bit of additional processing code to give mirrored layouts. Basically uses HGridLayout and HColorpool and so gives you some randomness + some order...Was trying to work out if I could somehow wrangle it into a HYPE class, but not having any luck so far.

Combining HGridLayout and ShapeMap...

Second + third sketch to share. Inspired by project discussions, came up with a workaround for combing a grid (in this case, a grid of ellipses) and a shape map...http://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/Programming-Graphics-I-Introduction-to-Generative-Art/782118657/classroom/discussions/15826?type=Question

Also works with minor tweaks so you can apply SVGs over a ShapeMap in a grid layout

No 1

First HYPE sketch I'm willing to share. Antikythera mechanism - broken apart SVG randomly scattered. Still thinking about the right colours to apply to this...but I quite like the industrial feel of having in just in black and white.


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