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Random Moments

Hi everyone! My name is Robert Sample (IG: roberto_samps). I wouldn't consider myself a photographer or an artist by any means, and my Instagram certainly reflects that. I do, however, love pictures and love taking pictures with my iPhone. So when I heard that Joe was offering this class for free I couldn't resist! Below are some random moments I have captured through the past couple of years.


This first one was captured at the zoo in New Mexico. To date this is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Seeing the polar bears is always a must for my friends and I when we go to the zoo. During this specific occasion the bears had just been fed by the zookeeper so the animals were quite active. After snapping a couple of pics the bear just happened to look over and luckily I was ready with my camera out. The original picture is great but the edits really bring out the colors and make the vibrant.



This next one isn’t too good as far as quality, but is still pretty good. I believe I had just gotten off of work and was walking back to my dorm room in the rain (it had been unnaturally rainy that week in Arizona). As I was walking I looked up to see the rain falling in front of the lights. I remember thinking how cool it was and wanting to capture that specific moment. This picture is the result of just a couple shots as I walked. In retrospect I wish I would have stopped to get a clearer shot but I still love this as it captures the quietness of campus during the storm.



I took this last one at school (Grand Canyon University) within the past week. If I remember correctly, it was the day before a men’s basketball game. It was strange to see the arena as empty as it was. Granted there was nothing going on in there for the day but still, not a soul other than those working in the building: typically, it is brimming full of students either for chapel or some sporting event. I think it was the quietness and solidarity of the moment that caught my attention the most for this picture and there was just this sense of peace that was so palpable and real.


I hope y’all enjoy these moments as much as I do! I look forward to posting many more pictures with great edits thanks to Joe Greer (IG: ioegreer) and this class! Many blessings y’all, and happy editing!


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